Gentle skincare With Sond Skin

Surprise – another skincare post/review on my blog! I told you I love skincare!

I love skincare products and looking after my skin! I think it’s something that people can over look or rush. Okay, a good skincare routine can be lengthy and not so time effective, and sticking to it can be harder than it seems.. But it’s totally worth it! After all, you need to give your makeup a good base! I also think it’s important to take care of your skin in terms of the future because we’re all dreading that day when our first wrinkle appears..

I received this lovely cleanser in a giveaway. (Again, lucky me!) Sond is a skincare brand that specialise in creating natural products for sensitive skin or for someone who just wants more of a gentle cleanse. They also focus on “strengthening” the skin and skin health. Their products use natural silica that helps to “soothe irritated skin, boost collagen production” and “improve the flow of oxygen and nutrition to skin cells for brighter, glowing skin.” Sounds fab!! Their products are also made in the UK for those of you who like something a bit closer to home.



The product I received is their latest cleanser – cleanse + calm. It combines natural ingredients – shea and cocoa butter, as well as chamomile and marigold extracts. Combined, these ingredients calm and soothe, while helping your complexion.

The product itself feels very luxurious, in both it’s texture and scent. It’s subtle scent reminds me of Liz Earle products and it’s texture is very silky, without feeling oily or heavy. I also really like the packaging, it’s simple and minimalistic – but effective!



My skin isn’t very sensitive but it is more on the dry side, which can cause small dry patches of skin and redness. The product did help with these and my skin felt smooth and soft after using. However, I can’t comment as to whether the product is truly effective for very sensitive skin unfortunately, as this isn’t my skin type! I enjoyed using the product and feel after reading about it and using it myself, I can only imagine that it would!


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