Get Nkd! Lash lifting & HD brows

At the start of December, I took an overdue trip to Nkd for a well needed pamper session. I really needed a bit of TLC and I got just that!

Nkd are a company who specialise in waxing, as well as offering other beauty treatments. They currently own two salons; one in Nottingham and their newest salon in Leicester. I visited their lovely Leicester salon to try out one of their package deals – The Big One – including HD brows, lash lifting & a full leg wax.

Lets start with the leg wax. The only wax I’d previously had is my brows so I was actually looking forward to trying a leg wax. Not sure that’s how people usually feel.. It’s really not as painful as I thought it would be and it didn’t take as long as I expected either! Next, onto the brows – my faves! HD brows is my usual treatment and if you aren’t familiar with it, it really is the full works. HD brows involve tinting, waxing, threading and plucking, if needed. It may seem a tad time consuming for eyebrows but it keeps maintenance to a minimum, so you could say it pays off in terms of time in the long run! And last but not least, lash lifting! This isn’t the easiest of treatments for me, as I’m a bit squeamish, especially when it comes to eyes so it isn’t the most comfortable of situations but this is worth it! It does involve having your eyes closed for around 45 minutes, while your lashes are permed and proved with different solutions.

As for the salon itself, it has a very modern and clean feel with cute decor, as well as hosting a relaxed atmosphere. (Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to take many photos, hence their absence). The staff were all very friendly and helpful too, which is exactly what you want in a one-on-one appointment! They were particularly helpful in providing information involving aftercare and even gave me a couple of samples to help my legs after their wax.

What I really like about Nkd is they always seem to have some sort of offer or discount. They run student discount codes for certain days/times, a 10% loyalty discount if you return to their salons within 6 weeks and they also give you your 11th treatment for free! In addition to this, Nkd run special packages, like the one I was kindly treated to. Another thing to mention is their website, it’s not only cute in appearance but has an easy to operate online booking system, as well as all the info you might need in relation to your treatment. It’s a useful source!

A very big thank you to Nkd for the invite! (complimentary*). If anyone is local to either Leicester or Nottingham, I’ll leave their website below if you fancy taking a look at their offers and discounts for yourself!

If you have any questions, let me know!


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